Time Flies … But Lots has Happened

Wow! I’m sorry. That’s all I can say for our complete lack of blogging visibility for the past few months. Wow.

So, a lot has happened since we last talked! I hope that I’ll be able to fill you in on all the details, but I’m sure I’ll forget something. If I do omit something, just drop a comment on us, and we’ll get back to you.

I’ll start with Brandy: She has started her second-to-last semester of nursing school. It’s a super-busy one. She has night-classes four days out of the week. Then, she’s got clinicals on the weekends. It’s a lot of work! I’m so proud of her, though. She works so hard for all of her classes. She puts so much into the homework, quizzes, studying, and clinicals. She never complains about it, either. She is truly one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. She loves what she does, and she puts her all into it.

She’s really excited to be working in the pediatric department for some clinicals this semester. I can’t wait to see how she works with them, and hear how much she loves it.

She’s getting ready to move out, too! Doug and Susan Stitch have been so gracious and kind. They’ve moved, and offered Brandy and Katie an opportunity to stay there so the house doesn’t remain empty. She and Katie are currently working on getting the house ready and moving things in. It’s a big step for her, and I’m so proud of her independence.

I guess I’ll write about myself now: I’m still working at the church, but I’m acting in a bit of a different capacity than before. Before, I was working with the youth department. I had a blast, but when the predetermined time frame came to an end, my responsibilities shifted a little bit. I now work a lot with the worship ministry. I get the band equipment set up for Wednesday night practice, and make sure that all the audio equipment is working. I also work on the church website, and do some audio/visual stuff as needed. I get a few hours per week, but every little bit is helpful.

Not only that, but I’ve started working at a North County Schnuck’s Grocery Store. I’ve been training for a few days, now. I’m a Meat Clerk! It wouldn’t be my first choice in employment, but I’m so happy to be working! I should be averaging about 20 hours per week. I feel so much better just having something to do. I heard Vice President Joe Biden (I know, I know, a lot of people aren’t fans) say in a speech once that if you’re unemployed, nothing matters to you more than finding that job. I can truly attest that being without a job entails a certain feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. I’m so joyful to have those feelings put to rest. I feel like I have so much more control over my own life now. So, if you’re around Lindbergh and Washington, come and buy some steaks from me!

I also started another semester of school, but I suppose that is business as usual. I’m taking Contemporary College Mathematics, Introduction to Worship, Marriage & Family Counseling, Basic Christian Theology II, and Men’s Ministry. It’s shaping up to be a great semester, and I can’t wait till it’s over.

Mostly this semester, I’m excited to actually grow up and start being a real-life adult! I’ve got myself a big-boy job, I’m workin’ on budgets and finances and whatnot, and I’m looking into apartments and stuff. I feel like I’m actually contributing something to society, and not just mooching of my parents. woot

We’re still planning pre/post-wedding stuff. It’s been goin’ pretty well, and we’re really excited to get things goin’.

I’ve gone on long enough, so I won’t bore you with any more details. Sorry that I’m so biased towards myself, I’ll have Brandy write the next one.

Thanks for reading. Leave us some love in the comments!



2 responses to “Time Flies … But Lots has Happened

  1. Hey congrats on your new job! And welcome to the grocery biz. Working 20 hours is enough to get your benefits and during this time and age, the cost of benefits is rising but hopefully that will be one of the problems you shouldn’t have to worry about. Congrats again.



  2. Way to go Elliot! I’m excited for you that you were able to land your “big boy” job, I wish I could stop by and get some steaks from you. How is the job going so far? Glad to hear that you and Brandy are both doing well despite being so busy with school, work, clinicals, church, wedding, etc. Hope all continues to go well and be sure to keep me posted on what’s going on. Miss you buddy!

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